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What we do

Our strengths are:

Precision machining
We have a large variety of modern machine-tools to machine small and large scale parts in different materials such as alloy steel, nickel- and chrome-based steel, titanium, aluminum, Inconel™, and more.

Fabrication and welding 
Is provided by Richelieu Steel who are specialize in both fabrication and welding of complex mechanically welded assemblies, using certified procedures such as SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW and GMAW. Also certified ASME, for pressure vessels

Assembly and integration
Mechanical assembly expertise is a major “added value”. We haven’t just refined our skills in this area—we can also handle complete integration of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and control systems. In fact, we have dedicated workspaces just for assembly and integration with up to 60 Tons lifting capacty.

Manufacturing engineering
The design department from Richelieu Steel allow us to work closely with you—from project design through manufacturing—to ensure design–fabrication synergy and avoid cost overruns or schedule delays. . Multi-level program for a turnkey project!

Rehabilitation and refurbishment
We have been in the rehab business since the beginning. Therefore we understand what downtime means. Rehabilitation and refurbishment require know-how and ingenuity. We don’t just rehab your parts – we try to improve them and increase reliability.

Our other services
St. Lawrence Machining offers a variety of complementary services which include painting, sandblasting, stress relief, non-destructive testing, pressure testing, transportation and logistics. Ask about our services.

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