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Welding procedures

All of our welding job are accomplished by Richelieu Steel.

  • GMAW Gas metal arc welding
  • FCAW Flux core arc welding
  • SMAW Shielded metal arc welding
  • GTAW Gas tungsten arc welding
  • SAW Submerged arc welding

    See below Richelieu Steel certifications

  • CSA B51 (Régie du Bâtiment)
  • CSA W59
  • CSA W47.1 Division 2
  • Carbon & sainless steel

    Pressure vessels
  • ASME + U Stamp
  • ASME Section Vlll, Division1

    Pressure piping
  • ASME B31.1
  • ASME B31.3
  • ASME B31.5
  • National board

    To learn more about our Pressure vessels

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